Modular software programs

It is our passion to help you improve your business processes. Our goal is to enable your employees to work more pleasantly and efficiently and to reduce your operating costs. You can give even more attention to your customers.

By continuously responding to developments and by innovating, Kresoft Systems delivers multiple affordable, stable and very user-friendly ERP programs to support all your business processes.

The programs of Kresoft Systems work seamlessly with Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel. Furthermore, we link our programs with your financial software such as Exact, AccountView, Venice, Adsolut, Sage Bob, ExpertM and more.

Kresoft develops, delivers and maintains modular software programs and where necessary we develop custom software.


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What are ERP systems?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, meaning a computer program (software) which usually consists of subprograms (modules) that all support a specific task.

Whereas many companies used to use different computer programs (island automation where data often had to be entered several times) to support the different business activities, an ERP program can accommodate a large number of processes.

A major advantage of an ERP program is that the data only needs to be entered once because only one database is used. Additional advantages are that the chance of inconsistent data is reduced, that work can be done more efficiently and cheaper.


Software tailored to your needs

Because every organization has specific process steps, we develop custom software if necessary, which of course is tailored to the operation within your company.

Training courses

Kresoft provides the necessary training to use our software optimally. These training courses are given by our own qualified personnel.

Kresoft is a registered service provider for the SME Portfolio in the domain of the ‘Training’ pillar. This means that we can give training courses to Flemish companies using the KMO-Portefeuille with the result that training courses can be partially subsidized by the government. Registration number Kresoft Systems: DV.O215780