Advice on ERP software programs

Our consultants have gained extensive experience in various management positions in the business world. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you and advise and guide you before, during and after the implementation of your new ERP software program. We think along with you, if you wish, also with non-IT-related issues.

I’m interested

Management advice

Our consultants are at your service when you need advice on personnel, logistics, administrative and IT issues. We can also assist you as a troubleshooter. We think, for example, of the challenges and/or pain points that can arise when you want to implement changes in your business operations.

Do you have new plans for one or more processes in your company? We think along with you.

First organize, then automate

Kresoft’s experienced specialists can help you improve your business processes. Together with you, we map out the processes, based on the principle that they become optimal by detecting and addressing inefficiencies.

Changes often provoke resistance from people. It is therefore very important to involve your managers as well as the key-users in this process, not only because they have knowledge, experience and ideas, but also because they communicate with your employees and have to motivate them.

Once we have described the new situation and you have approved it, we will configure your ERP software program and, if necessary, build customization. Kresoft software contains an extensive authorization structure with which the user rights can be set. We will then implement the software in consultation (in phases) and train your employees so that they can make optimal use of your new software program.