Passionate about concrete

Kerkstoel 2000+: all detail data of every precast concrete slab and every precast concrete wall are imported into the database from CAD drawings. Part of Fargo (custom fit software program) is a generic article file which we can manage and adjust ourselves. This provides an enormous amount of flexibility in responding to changing conditions in the production environment, invoicing and legislation. The following processes are managed in Fargo: project follow-up, prices, quotes, orders, planning (of draughtsmen, production, delivery and more), data export to the production department, (direct) invoicing, complaints, production downtime etc. The element statuses are attached to a color palette so issues become evident immediately in every screen.

Kerkstoel Beton: Fargo’s generic article file also allows us to automatize the administrative flow within our concrete department using the same software program. Concrete mix recipes and prices are interfaced with the components used in our precast elements. This way, we are able to maintain an overview of the different companies within one software program.

Cordeel (C-Concrete)

General contractor for all constructions

First phase: automation of the cutting, bending and welding department. In Stargon we can manage our projects (quotes and orders) and we can plan the production orders. Both the production and the welding departments are controlled by Stargon. Costs incurred per project are being monitored constantly after production, i.e. material costs on the one hand as well as the performance which is stored in the database by means of simple scanners. The purchase management system allows us to follow up closely all contracts with our suppliers.

Second phase: automation of the precast department. We have also chosen Stargon for this department. Everything starts in the draft department. The document management system in Stargon provides the opportunity to easily manage drawings and their revisions. A planning screen specifically created for precast concrete elements provides the necessary flexibility to be able to produce and deliver every item in a timely manner.
Each load is checked with scanners in terms of the elements that are being delivered, as well as the required strength for transportation of the elements and the permissible total weight of the cargo.

BPI – BouwPlaatsInrichters

Renting and sales of construction equipment / construction materials

We have worked with Kresoft since 1997! All throughout these years, Matergon has helped us manage our materials and equipment. We have an extensive range of articles and quite diverse clients. This results in a variety of different types of orders and contracts we enter into, which might have resulted in a complex way of invoicing. Fortunately, Matergon offers the solution which makes it easy to create orders and contracts. This ensures that invoices are created easily.

Ever since 2012, Kresoft maintains our network for us: all of our data is stored in the Cloud, so we don’t have a care in the world. The combination between software and network support by a single supplier saves us a lot of headaches, which ensures that we can concentrate on our core business.

Frangema Staal

Your partner as strong as steel

Kresoft is well known on the Belgian and Dutch markets as a prominent provider of software for cutting and bending plants. This is why we decided in 2005 to switch from our old software to Stargon. A decision we have never regretted. Kresoft knows our industry!

Since the new version of 2009, the possibilities are practically endless.

Levi Party Rental

… let’s get this party started

To organize an excellent party we have to be able to rely on our quick and stable software support on a daily basis. MatergonL(ight) is indispensable for our inventory management, because it ensures that we can intervene on time when materials are no longer available. The integrated solution for labeling pallets and shipping control through scanning, guarantees a flawless delivery. Every department within our company is able to release their materials for rental itself, which gets everyone involved in the process. Kresoft was a great partner in this project.

Kresoft is also responsible for maintaining our complete network, so we do not need to worry about anything.