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Kresoft Systems, inventive IT solutions since 1984

It is our passion to help you improve your business processes. This allows you to give your customers even more attention. Our goal is to enable your employees to work more pleasantly and efficiently and to reduce your operating costs.

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Over 35 years we developed our first software program (for rebar processing companies and for producers of concrete products). By continuously responding to developments and by innovating, Kresoft Systems now delivers several affordable, modern, stable and very user-friendly ERP programs to support all your business processes.
Kresoft Systems has been active for many years in various countries and in various industries in the construction industry. Our customers are located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Austria and Slovakia.
Kresoft develops, supplies and maintains modularly built standard ERP software programs and where necessary we develop custom software.


Kresoft Systems develops, delivers and maintains modularly built standard ERP software programs for the construction (industry) business and where necessary we develop custom made software to achieve a total solution. Our software enables you to work more efficiently and offers you a clear insight into everything that happens in your company.


K     Klantgericht (Customer-oriented) – Kwaliteit (Quality)
R     Respect
E     Engagement – Efficient
S     Samenwerken (Cooperate) – Structuur (Structure)
O     Ontzorgen (Unburden) – Oplossingsgericht (Solution-focused) – Optimalisatie (Optimisation)
F     Future-proof – Focus
T     Tevredenheid (Satisfaction) – Totaaloplossing (Total solution)


Our team works every day on even smarter solutions so that our customers can continue to have access to the most modern systems in the future. In order to keep abreast of developments and wishes, we maintain contact with our customers and various industry associations and their members (e.g. VWN). We are also well-known by suppliers of batching systems in the concrete industry and by suppliers of machines for the concrete steel rebar industry.
Kresoft Systems’ programs can be linked to other systems such as drawing packages, financial applications, cutting and bending machines, scanners, label printers, control installations and more. You can rely on the fact that our programs work seamlessly with Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Word and Excel.
We have highly experienced consultants at our disposal and are happy to advise and assist you in optimising your business processes. We believe that successful automation is only possible when your processes run optimally.
Our online and, if necessary, on site support for your application ensures a fast and effective approach in the event of any problems.