Terms and conditions

  1. Goods will be delivered as mentioned in the order.
  2. The goods or services are supplied within the period specified in the order, taking into account the usual tolerance inherent in the nature of our profession standard.
  3. Delivery takes place by the seller, unless otherwise agreed in a signed document.
  4. The goods or services are transported at the expense and risk of the purchaser.
  5. The delivered goods and parts shall remain our property as long as the full price (principal costs and interests, lump sum payments) has not been paid. The supplier may invoke retention of title without prior service or notice of default of payment. The customer shall bear any costs incurred in this regard. The customer hereby grants the supplier the right to collect the delivered products at any time, wherever they may be. The customer hereby undertakes to hand over the relevant products to the supplier immediately and to grant the supplier access to the relevant premises to the extent necessary. Without the cooperation of the supplier, the client is not authorised to transfer ownership of the equipment or parts which have not yet been paid for in full to third parties, or to provide third parties with any security right in the broadest sense of the word, on penalty of the immediate exigibility of the sale price and without prejudice to the supplier’s rights pursuant to the aforementioned retention of title. In the event of non-compliance with this prohibition, a fixed compensation of 50% of the sale price shall be payable by the purchaser (as a supplement to the sale price and any other compensation). The purchaser bears the risks from the moment of delivery. He must keep the goods in their condition. In the absence of payment of the invoice by the 15th day following the sending of a reminder by registered post, the contract can be dissolved by us ipso jure and by simple notification sent by registered post. All this without prejudice to the payment of compensation by the defaulting buyer.
  6. The invoice shall be paid before the due date. If any amount of the invoice is disputed, we have to be informed of the grounds for such dispute within 8 days. In the event of late payment we will charge interest of 12% on the amount outstanding before and after judgment and we will also impose a surcharge equal to 10% of the outstanding amount, with a minimum of € 100.
  7. Kresoft reserves the right to adapt the hourly rate, contractprices and SAAS/IAAS/PAAS prices anually: the index will be 2%. In case the inflation is more than 2%, we are forced to adjust our rates according to the evolution of the index in the market. This indexation allows us to guarantee our quality service in the future as well. We remain confident that with these new rates we are still extremely competitive.
    In case the price of the SAAS/IAAS/PAAS products and/or services supplied by third parties is increased after a contract agreement, Kresoft Systems is entitled to pass on this increase in the contract price by simple notification to the client via email.
  8. EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): our privacy statement can be consulted on https://www.kresoft.be/en/privacy-statement.
  9. All our contracts are governed by Belgian law. All disputes arising from this contract are settled by the competent court in the judicial district of Dendermonde.