ERP program for companies active in rebaring, steel profiles, concrete products and/or building materials.

Stargon is a modular ERP program for supporting all your business processes.

Stargon can be used by one or more companies/branches. Your departments such as sales, purchasing, work preparation, planning, warehouse, production, logistics, invoicing and administration will work (together) more efficiently by using Stargon.

Of course, you can manage and follow up your Relationships (including CRM), Contacts, Employees, Production units, Forms, Articles, Documents, Projects, Quotations (purchase/sale), Orders (purchase/sale), Invoices (purchase/sale) and any Complaints. There are smart modules in Stargon for reading and/or making bending states and labels.

For Stargon there is an app for mobile functionalities such as time registration, stock movements, production status notifications and more.

In Stargon there are several standard reports, but there also is a data model for Power BI.

Stargon can be linked to your machines (e.g. for cutting, bending and welding of reinforcement steel) and to your financial program (if this program allows it).

Stargon is set with many parameters to ensure that the operation is optimally suited to your needs.