ERP program for producers of concrete products such as wide slab floors, (double) walls, etc.

PrefabADM is a modular ERP program for supporting all your business processes prefab company.

PrefabADM can be used by one or more companies/branches. Your departments such as sales, calculation, planning, production, logistics, invoicing and administration will work (together) more efficiently by using PrefabADM.

It goes without saying that you can manage and follow up your Relationships (including CRM), Contacts, Employees, Articles, Documents, Projects, Quotations, Orders and Invoices excellently.

PrefabADM contains various standard reports.

PrefabADM can be linked to your financial program (if this program allows it).

PrefabADM is set up with many parameters to ensure that the operation is optimally suited to your needs.