ERP program for companies active in renting and/or selling (construction) equipment and materials.

Matergon is a modular ERP program to support all your business processes as a rental company.

Matergon can be used by one or more companies/branches. As a professional lessor/supplier of (construction) equipment and materials you want to manage them optimally. You want to know what you have leased/sold and what you have in stock. You also want to know when leased items will become available again. Your decision to purchase new equipment and materials can be made on the basis of this insight, among other things. You can also manage matters such as inspection, maintenance and repair excellently with Matergon.

It goes without saying that Matergon has the files and functionalities needed to support and monitor all your business processes, such as CRM, quotations, orders, work orders, logistics, orders, warehouse and invoicing and administration.

For Matergon there is an app for mobile functionalities such as rental, returns and work orders.

In Matergon there are several standard reports.

Time savings: Matergon has an inventive system with which each screen can be reached with a minimum number of mouse clicks. The basic program already contains many functionalities and for those who need more there are several extra modules available.

For example, Matergon can be linked to your financial program (if this program allows it).

Matergon is set using many parameters to ensure that the operation is optimally suited to your needs.