Cordeel (C-Concrete)

First phase: automation of the cutting, bending and welding department. In Stargon we can manage our projects (quotes and orders) and we can plan the production orders. Both the production and the welding departments are controlled by Stargon. Costs incurred per project are being monitored constantly after production, i.e. material costs on the one hand as well as the performance which is stored in the database by means of simple scanners. The purchase management system allows us to follow up closely all contracts with our suppliers.

Second phase: automation of the precast department. We have also chosen Stargon for this department. Everything starts in the draft department. The document management system in Stargon provides the opportunity to easily manage drawings and their revisions. A planning screen specifically created for precast concrete elements provides the necessary flexibility to be able to produce and deliver every item in a timely manner.
Each load is checked with scanners in terms of the elements that are being delivered, as well as the required strength for transportation of the elements and the permissible total weight of the cargo.