i-Theses prioritizes complementarity and scaling with acquisition of Kresoft Systems

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Lokeren, Buggenhout – 28-05-2024


i-Theses prioritizes complementarity and scaling with acquisition of Kresoft Systems

At the end of April, the Lokeren-based software company i-Theses completed the acquisition of its sector peer Kresoft Systems from Buggenhout. Both companies develop ERP solutions for construction and construction-related companies, as well as manufacturers of precast concrete across Europe. The respective company locations will be retained, and Gert Janssens, owner of Kresoft Systems, has been appointed as a director. His entire team will also remain on board. During a transitional phase, they will operate under the name i-Theses Group. Last year, i-Theses also acquired the British company Winfloor.


i-Theses primarily serves European manufacturers of floor slabs, beams, columns, stairs and walls in precast concrete. Their ERP solutions are cloud-based and available via a subscription model. They facilitate all aspects of the production process, from quoting, design, and planning to inventory management, production, logistics, and invoicing. They also eliminate the need to re-enter the same data repeatedly at different stages of the production process.

Rony Verlee: “Since their introduction, our ERP solutions have revolutionized the sector, especially in terms of user-friendliness, accessibility, profitability, speed and efficiency of the production process, and significantly reducing potential production losses.”

Stronger together in precast concrete

Kresoft Systems was founded in 1984 and fully acquired by Gert Janssens in 2011. The company gained renown with its standard ERP total solutions for optimizing business processes for contractors and manufacturers of rebar and/or building elements in (precast) concrete. This closely aligns with i-Theses’ competencies in this specific activity.

Gert Janssens: “Our clients particularly appreciate our results-oriented approach to achieving the most workable standard ERP solution and the intensive training that quickly familiarizes them with our packages.”


Rony Verlee: “With our own expertise in drawing and design applications, Kresoft Systems’ strength in rebar, and the overlap in precast concrete, the new entity fully focuses on complementarity, as well as team and service expansion. The new i-Theses Group employs 25 people and will integrate the solutions of both companies into one powerful and comprehensive platform.”

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i-Theses BV
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