Kerkstoel 2000+: all detail data of every precast concrete slab and every precast concrete wall are imported into the database from CAD drawings. Part of Fargo (custom fit software program) is a generic article file which we can manage and adjust ourselves. This provides an enormous amount of flexibility in responding to changing conditions in the production environment, invoicing and legislation. The following processes are managed in Fargo: project follow-up, prices, quotes, orders, planning (of draughtsmen, production, delivery and more), data export to the production department, (direct) invoicing, complaints, production downtime etc. The element statuses are attached to a color palette so issues become evident immediately in every screen.

Kerkstoel Beton: Fargo’s generic article file also allows us to automatize the administrative flow within our concrete department using the same software program. Concrete mix recipes and prices are interfaced with the components used in our precast elements. This way, we are able to maintain an overview of the different companies within one software program.