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Kresoft Systems, inventive IT solutions since 1984

Over 30 years ago, Kresoft Systems developed its first software program for companies that provide fabricated steel reinforcement products and for manufacturers of precast concrete products. Through continual innovation, Kresoft Systems now provides state-of-the-art, stable and very user-friendly ERP programs that support all processes for companies that provide fabricated steel reinforcement products or steel profiles and for manufacturers of precast concrete products.

In the early days of our company, our main focus was on the above mentioned sectors. In the meantime, we have become active in several others. Our customers are located in Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Austria and Slovakia. Kresoft develops, supplies and maintains modular constructed standard software and, if required, custom-fit software.
Every day Kresoft Systems works on developing even smarter solutions to ensure that our customers will have the most up-to-date systems at their disposal. To stay on top of the most recent developments and demands, we are constantly in contact with our clients and with multiple sector associations such as the VWN (www.wapned.nl) and their members. We are also well-known by suppliers of batching systems in the concrete industry and by suppliers of machinery for the concrete steel rebar industry.

Kresoft Systems’ software can easily be linked with other systems, such as design software, financial systems, cutting and bending machines, scanners, label printers, control systems and many more.

We closely monitor developments in chain integration and lean manufacturing in order to be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

We have extraordinary experienced consultants at our disposal and we are ready and able to advise and assist you with optimizing your business processes.  

We can also provide the design, installation and maintenance of your complete network (cloud, servers, PC, printers, labelprinters, handhelds, firewalls, antivirus, routers, switches, back-ups en meer). This combination of services makes us a single point of contact for your IT infrastructure.

Our online and on site support for software, hardware and network makes that we can offer a solution for IT problems as fast as possible.

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