Coordinating your financial organization

Coordinating your financial organization is more than configuring your financial software. It is imperative to know your relevant business processes. Who is responsible for which part of the process and who actually performs the activity? We have ample experience with designing and optimizing business processes and are ready to assist you with everything you might need.

In order for you to have a current and accurate picture of how well your company is performing, it is essential to configure your financial software for optimal use. The right chart of Accounts, attuned to your company, is a vital tool. Based on this chart of Accounts, extremely informative reports can be developed.

We have ample experience with setting up and working with a range of financial software  programs, such as AccountView and Exact. Needless to say, we can build links with any other financial software package you prefer.

Our Exact specialist can help you set up your Exact Business Software and give you instructions on how to effectively use it. We can also assist you in creating an optimal chart of Accounts and, based on this chart of Accounts, developing the desired reports.

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